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Official launch of Sevana Software web site .
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Sevana Oy is privately owned Finnish limited company founded 2003, providing software development and services in EU, Eastern European countries and Russia.

The company is focusing on audio and voice quality testing, monitoring and measurement product portfolio with its own software development and research in the area.

ACA - Audio Compression Advisor
ACA gives a quick advice on what sampling rate and bit rate to use for your podcast, meeting recording, conference speech, audio book or other large amounts of audio signal, proper parameters for your MP3, OGG, AAC encoder.
AQuA - Audio Quality Analyzer
AQuA is a simple but powerful tool to provide perceptual voice quality testing and audio file comparison in terms of audio quality.
Asterisk VQM Solution
Asterisk VQM Solution enables QoS feature and automated voice quality monitoring in your VoIP network. Based on open source products and powered with Sevana AQuA and NIQA Asterisk VQM Solution provides active and passive monitoring of calls quality in your network.
E-mail at: info at sevana dot fi
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